Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Cowboy Builder - Empty Promises on Deadline

My Cowboy builder promised to finish the jobs last week which failed.

Then promised to finish this week which failed.

Now he's promised to finish in 2 weeks time which will probably fail again as he doesn't turn up to work much.

What's your reaction when someone makes empty promises? frustration at start. then thinking to turn this to an opportunity.

Options to Speed the Works up?

Set a bonus and penalty both for meeting the deadline.
In my case it didn't help since my cowboy builder has interest in prolonging the works and working on multiple projects at a time.

Find a trustworthy handyman/builder and send there to assist the builder with the works then deduct his daily fees from the builder's fees.

This sounds like to be a better solution than bonus/penalty. The outside man would be your spy/agent on the job and will scare the builder to do more works otherwise will lose work to the other guy.

The challenge is that they'd have to cooperate.

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